cycles volume 1

by Brian Farmer



Crow Variations
Composition Notes

The rhythmic structure of these pieces was determined by the layering and placement of groups of calls made by a family of crows that live next to my home in the Catskills. Over time I have been noting the complexity and variation of the calls depending on a variety of factors including weather, time of day, presence of humans and other factors.
The recorded sample included here is one of several compositions in this series using tuned bowls of various sizes. I am still experimenting with tuning sets, scales, and layering of rhythm cycles as they relate to overtones and movement amongst the players and around the audience.

The Schumann Frequency variations are based on the "idea" of the Schumann frequencies, vibrational frequencies between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. The pieces involve cyclic layers like the crow variations but refer to specific pulses per minute rather than pulses per second as with the actual ( schumann frequencies).

Over the last 10 years I have become increasingly interested in the nature of overtone structures in my work.
I first became aware of the impact of these overtone ”melodies” I heard as a part of a talking drum ensemble I played with in Ikorodu Nigeria in the early 1980s. I became more focused on opening my ears and head to the floating quilt of sound made by the meshing/clashing of the overtones created by the ensemble.


released March 1, 2013

Composed and Performed by Brian Farmer. Recorded at Bodhi Bridge Studios, Rosendale New York 2011-2012.



all rights reserved


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bodhi bridge music was founded in 2008 by multi instrumentalist brian farmer. the label serves as a vehicle for the multiple artistic hats that brian and fellow label artists wear as they continue to explore sonic and visual landscapes and work to bridge worlds for the benefit of all beings Brian is an alumnus of Creative Music Studio and has toured and traveled widely in the US, Asia and Africa. ... more

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